Jamaica·July 22 - 29 2024

Freedom Time Tour with Professor Butch Ware

During this retreat we will explore together the historical, spiritual, and musical connections linking Jamaica, Africa, and Islam.



Jamaica was home to some of the earliest rebellions against the British slave trade. Maroon settlements dotted the Island as Arawaks and enslaved Africans - many of them of Muslim origins - freed themselves from bondage. They leaned heavily on African culture and religious expression to liberate themselves internally and externally. Rastafarianism grew from these roots, flourishing in cultural and musical expression. But it is not widely known that much of the foundation for Afro-Caribbean roots and culture came from West African Muslims. During this retreat we will explore together the historical, spiritual, and musical connections linking Jamaica, Africa, and Islam. We’ll visit Kingston Central Masjid mosque, pray in peace, remember Allah, and enjoy an exquisite eight-course farm-to-table meal at Stush in the Bush organic farm. You’ll also have the opportunity to take in Jamaica’s unspoiled nature and swim in breathtaking waterfalls, beaches, and lagoons. We’ll hike up the famous Blue Mountains, where we’ll visit one of the island’s oldest Rasta communities and dissolve all ignorant misconceptions about the island and its proud people. This won’t be about all-day tanning, beachside braids, and gift shop Rasta hats (not that there’s anything wrong with that); we just want to rejuvenate you in a different way. After all, we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us, right? We want to share the glory, struggles, and beauty of this island- a BEAST of an island, as you will find out! Please note that guest speakers can change due to unexpected circumstances. Burgundy Roots will guarantee optimum quality for its guest speakers. We ask for your flexibility and understanding.


Professor Butch Ware will be sharing his vast knowledge of Islam in Africa and the Caribbean

Professor Butch Ware will be sharing his vast knowledge of Islam in Africa and the Caribbean


This is a guide to your week with us!





Day 1: Arrivals and drive to Portland

Arrive in Kingston and meet the rest of the group. In order to be elligible for an airport transfer, please arrive before 2:30 PM. Otherwise, we can connect you with a private driver that will pick you up on arrival (extra fees apply, $250 USD for the drive to Portland) From Kingston, we’ll make our way to Portland (4h30 minute drive). Upon arrival at our hotel, you can relax, unwind and mingle. 



Day 2: Beach day in Portland

Enjoy your first day in Jamaica on one of the island's most beautiful beaches! We'll spend a full day here, swimming, eating, and getting to know one another! 

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Day 3: Blue Lagoon

Explore one of the world's most beautiful lagoons! We'll spend our morning on Monkey Island, afterwards, we'll rinse off in the lagoon and fresh spring. 


Afternoon session

Free time




Day 4: Waterfalls

Swim in the clearest waterfalls you've ever seen and enjoy a hike/ river walk.

Lunch at the villa

Free time

Dinner at a private villa



Day 5: Stush in the Bush Farm day

Stush in the Bush organic farm: It is a love story, a magical fusion of Rastafari and chic. It is the blending of ‘Ital’ farming and exotic vegetables. It is the love of mother nature and the love of fine dining. It is rustic and it is gourmet. (4 hour 30 min drive from Portland to St-Ann’s)

After our farm visit, we will make our way to the iconic city of Kingston and spend our last 3 nights. 



Day 6: Rasta Camp

Hike up the Blue Mountains to visit a Rasta community we've been working with for many years.

Late lunch at Eits Cafe (farm to table organic dining)



Day 7: Centra Masjid Visit

Visit Kingston’s mosque (Central Masjid) and meet its Imam.

Private lunch

Free time

Farewell dinner at a private location



Day 8: Departures

Sad to see you go, thank you for joining us and trusting Burgundy Roots. Safe journey, inshallah! 

What's Included

What's Included

Airport pickup

Daily Breakfast

4 lunches

4 attractions

Private transportation

Shared accommodations

Tour curators & guides

Daily lectures with Pr. Butch Ware


Visa fees

4 Dinners & Stush Day

Covid-19 tests

Travel insurance


This trip will appeal to culture and nature lovers. Our retreats are very unique and we provide an authentic experience and bring guests to parts of Jamaica that operate by their own rhythm and do not cater to tourists. We strongly believe in giving back locally and that is why we choose to lodge in locally owned guest houses and/or villas. We ask that our guests be open to various experiences, traveling with heart open and spirit ready! This is a path to enriching yourself while giving back to local communities.

Yes, of course. We welcome everyone to travel with us: couples, singles and families (depending on the age of the children).

Our retreats are open to all, anyone from any part of the world, so you can expect to make plenty of new friends. From the first day you all meet at the airport as we pick you up, the journey of travel and building news friendships begins. We keep our groups small and intimate, with not more than 20-25 people.

We stay in Jamaican-owned villas and guest houses. Our accommodations are clean and comfortable. The emphasis is not on luxury, but on a practical room for a good night’s rest and grounds that are inspiring.

We room 2 or 3 guests per room with an en suite bathroom in each room. Men will room with men and women with women. Unless, of course, you’re travelling with your spouse or partner.

All EU citizens, American, Canadian and UK citizens do not require a visa upon entry. All other world citizens must apply for a visa in advance. Please contact us for advice.

Freedom Time Tour with Professor Butch Ware

Jamaica· July 22 - 29 2024· 7 nights