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The Jamaican experience with wafa will leave you in awe, it'll be hands down the most authentic trip you'll ever take. I honestly can't wait to be back this July Insha'Allah. Trust me you'll have the time of your life.

Haseeb Azim

Wonderful trip, people food and accommodations! Definitely a trip of a lifetime. My favorites were seeing the Great Pyramids, praying jummah at Al Azhar masjid and the time spent in the desert.

Noor J

I joined Wafa on her yoga retreat in February 2016, and it was hands down one of the best experiences I've ever had. Wafa had organized everything perfectly and I truly felt as if I was immersed into the Jamaican culture.

Beenish Ansari

Amazing and life changing trip. I will highly recommend to anyone. Met great people, learned so much about history, Deen, and myself. I appreciate the minuscule details that Wafa and Riham have put into this.

Luoai S

This was the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on! I was sad to go home. I made so many great connections and friendships. I’m ready for the next Burgundy Roots trip!

Cris G

What can I say... This trip was excellent-issime, sublime-issime, superlatives fall short to describe the experience. Everything from A to Z was planned well. I encourage everyone to try it out.

Aissam E

Had an absolutely amazing and life changing time on this trip. Wafa and her team curated an unforgettable experience. It was absolutely breathtaking. I will definitely be back with Burgundy Roots and Wafa soon.

Mohammed M

Amazing experience! Very well co-ordinated trip by Wafa which allowed me to connect with a wonderful group of people, nature and see some of the best places Jamaica offers in all of its beauty! Thank you!


Henna K

I had a great time in Jamaica with the girls and Wafa. They organized everything very well. The excursions where awesome! Thank you Wafa for this incredible trip in Jamaica!


Sarah E

This trip is hard to describe in words because of the incredible experience I had. I love to travel but Wafa and her crew changed how I want to experience vacations in the future. Sparked a fire in my heart.

Aquilah S

Wafa and her team curated a perfect retreat that's carefully planned. From our initial conversation to supporting me through delays in my departure, every detail was handled efficiently with care.


Mina A

The curated itinerary created by the organizers was one of a kind. I feel more connected to myself, God, nature and others after this retreat. I look forward to traveling with Burgundy Roots in the future again.

Maira M

This was hands down the most memorable and enjoyable trip I’ve ever taken. Burgundy Roots takes care of EVERYTHING! You just have to show up and enjoy yourself! Truly an amazing experience.

Sobia A

This trip was amazing. Wafa carefully curated each experience to truly fit each of us. The experiences felt personalized even in the larger group setting. She partners with locals that are equally as friendly and kind.


Aasiyah Tiffany R

This trip was like none other. The retreat was uniquely curated to incorporate elements of spirituality, foster deep connection between the attendees, and provide an authentic, meaningful experience of Jamaica.


Sarah I

The retreat was absolutely sensational! It was a great atmosphere, amazing and the hotel choice was super with picturesque views :) Food was clean and healthy. What a wholesome trip!


Hasina M

Travelling with Burgundy Roots was such an amazing experience. It was perfectly organized and the team made all of us feel comfortable and safe. It was honestly one of the best trips of my life.


Yasmine B

Life changing. Wafa and the team know the spots that allow you to be fully immersed into Jamaica and it’s people. There’s a perfect balance between fun in the sun and honoring the people and the land.


Maher Mohammed A

The soul rebel retreat was the highlight of my summer. Wafa curated an amazing trip and I loved everything about it. Definitely discovered the beauty of Jamaica and a bit about myself too!


Rana K

Wafa and her team at burgundy roots made this trip life changing! I had the honor of bringing my wife and Jamaica was such an incredible experience. We loved every single moment of it.


Mohamed H

The entire trip was spiritually rejuvenating. Loved touring ancient mosques, walking down the streets of old Cairo, disconnecting and enjoying life in Siwa. The highlight of the trip is developing lifelong friendships.

Ahmina J

After spending 10 days with strangers who became family, I have no words to express how thankful I am to Wafa. Attention to detail. Organized. Fun. A trip I can never forget! I'm already dreaming of my next one.


Zaakirah Nahaboo K

What an incredible trip! Carefully curated and never a dull moment! The Burgundy Roots team went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable and well taken care of. Thank you Wafa and team!


Sarah A

This was my 3rd time traveling with Burgundy Roots! Wafa has truly curated a complete off the beaten path experience of Jamaica. We hiked Blue Mountains, swam in waterfalls, and visited some of Jamaica's most beautiful beaches! Even-though I am very familiar with this part of Jamaica Wafa's trips makes it so much easier for me to relax and just enjoy Jamaica as everything you need is taken care of. I look forward to Joining Burgundy Roots again next year!

Summiyah A, July 2021, Gyal Dem (women-only retreat)

My second time with Burgundy Roots and Wow, what an adventure! From the hustle and bustle of the city of Cairo to the calm peacefulness of the oasis of Siwa, we got to experience many different facets of Egypt. I enjoyed cruising on the Nile, swimming in the salt lakes and dipping into the hot springs. Seeing the old history and beautiful architecture of ancient mosques was a highlight as well. I also got to meet some cool people along the way.

Mohammed M & Marwa, April 2022, Egypt Road Trip

So I'm not a fan of group travel, I prefer to be in charge of my own itinerary and people who are in my space. I also organize and lead travel for teens so I know how challenging group travel can be. Therefore when I say the Burgundy Roots team far exceeded my expectations, it's understood where I'm coming from. I loved my Gyal Dem experience in Jamaica! While I had reservations about group travel, I'd decided to move forward with purchasing this trip because I knew from a previous stay in Jamaica how hard it is to access a true experience when you are doing it yourself. All the places and experiences, I sought my first time and wasn't able to have, was achieved on this Burgundy Roots trip. Additionally, because there is a screening of participants there was a beautiful collection of like minds on the group. It was amazing to get to know women from all over the world who had similar outlook on life, concerns, goals and aspirations. Anyone who travels knows that things don't always go as planned. The Burgundy Roots team handled whatever challenges that popped up with patience and thoughtfulness. The food was amazing, accommodation gorgeous and experiences beautifully curated. It was a pleasure to turn the planning and execution over to someone else, I would follow Wafa around the world!

Jamilah Rasheed, July 2021, Gyal Dem Vol 3. in Jamaica

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