Saudi Arabia·January 10 - 21 2024

Umrah Homecoming

Join us as we travel inwardly and outwardly, with heart open and spirit ready. Starting from USD $4,300 per person



Join us as we embark on our second Umrah Retreat! We invite you on this journey where we'll learn about the inner and outer dimensions of Umrah with Mustafa Briggs. We've curated an experience that combines a spiritual and adventurous journey, and we hope that you benefit from it. We'll pray, explore historical Jeddah, Mecca and Madinah, hike, bike, shop and stargaze. You'll meet various locals and entrepreneurs who are doing wonderful things for the advancement of their communities. We've planned a few surprises along the way (as is in Burgundy culture) but we won't share them with you just yet.... Bismillah!


Deepening spiritual connections

Deepening spiritual connections

We'll perform our Umrah together and apart. It will be an opportunity to connect on profound levels with Allah, ourselves and fellow believers.

Carefully curated route

Carefully curated route

We'll begin in Mecca, make our way to Jeddah, explore the desert and canyons of Al Ula and finish off in Madinah, the city of our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

Explore Saudi Arabia

Explore Saudi Arabia

Most people visit Saudi Arabia to perform their Hajj and Umrah, not realizing the land is diverse, beautiful and full of surprises. We invite you to explore these surprises.






Arrivals & Orientation in Mecca (Land in Jeddah)

Bismillah! Welcome! Upon arrival at the jeddah airport, we will have 3 shuttles departing at various times to accommodate your transfer to Mecca. Please note that the shuttle times will be shared closer to trip dates. Upon arrival in Mecca, our team will ensure you're all checked in and ready to go. After a bit of rest, we will all meet at the hotel's restaurant for our first dinner together!




We'll begin our day with a tour of Mecca and the various Hajj sites. Afterwards, we will have lunch and head back to the hotel to rest and prepare for our evening group Umrah. After our Umrah, you will have the rest of the evening to relax and unwind.




We'll begin our day after praying Jumua in Mecca. We'll head to our hotel in Jeddah, check-in and give everyone a free evening to relax & unwind.




We'll begin our day at noon, giving you time to explore the corniche and waterfront or neighboring plazas and cafes. At noon, we will make our way to old Jeddah for lunch. Afterwards, we'll enjoy a guided tour of the timeless old city and some free time to shop and wander  through every alleyway.



Jeddah: Free day to explore, eat & rest!

Enjoy the day, shop and eat! Jeddah is a hub for coffee shops, you'll find all kinds of delicious foods. If you're looking for stylish Abayas, Hijabs, Thobes or contemporary gifts, this is your day!



Onward to Al Ula

Every retreat we host has an element of seclusion in nature, we've chosen Al Ula for its serene desert and breathtaking canyons. Be prepared for stargazing and bonfire sessions as we camp out in the desert and enjoy evening lectures with Mustafa Briggs.

Departure: 7:30 AM 

Length of drive: 8/9 hours.



Touring Al Ula

We'll begin our day with a tour of Hegra, afterwards we have a surprise lunch for you and we'll finish off with dinner under the stars.




Before heading out to Madinah, we want to finish off our stay in Al Ula with a short hike and a buggy ride in the desert! We'll make our way to Madinah after lunch inshallah!

Departure for Madinah: 2:00 PM

Duration of the driver: 4 hours

Once we arrive in Madinah, we'll visit the mosque and meet for an orientation session about the next day's itinerary.




We'll begin our day after Fajr and explore the blessed city of Madinah. After the tour, you will enjoy a few hours of free time to spend at the mosque and market place insh'Allah.


DAY 10

Madinah exploration

We'll begin our day after Fajr to explore the enlightened city of Madinah.


DAY 11

More Madinah exploration

We'll begin our day after Fajr, explore the city, enjoy our last few hours there. We will wrap up our retreat in a secret location for our farewell dinner inshallah!


DAY 12


Departures day: Please note that departures should be done from Madinah city. We will have 3 airport shuttles to Madinah airport, anyone leaving after 2:00 pm will need to book their own taxi transportation to the airport.

If you are flying out of Jeddah, please note that there is a train from Medinah to Jeddah (1h45 mins) that goes straight to the Jeddah airport.

What's Included

What's Included

11 nights accommodation

Private transportation

Daily breakfast

Airport pick up

Umrah preparation class (Zoom)

All sights and attractions mentioned in the itinerary

Local curators and tour guides

5-7 private lectures with Mustafa Briggs


Travel insurance

Visa fees (if applicable)

Remaining meals

Airport drop off


When booking flights, make sure to land in Jeddah airport (King Abdulaziz International Airport) and depart from Madinah Airport (Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport). We offer pick-up for arrivals before 4 pm.

Yes, of course. We welcome everyone to travel with us: couples, singles and families (depending on the age of the children).

Our retreats are open to all, anyone from any part of the world, so you can expect to make plenty of new friends. From the first day you all meet at the airport as we pick you up, the journey of travel and building news friendships begins. We keep our groups intimate, with not more than 25-30 people.

We stay in locally-owned hotels. Our accommodations are clean and comfortable. The emphasis is not on luxury, but on a practical room for a good night’s rest and comfort.

We room 2 or 3 guests per room with an en suite bathroom in each room. Men will room with men and women with women. Unless, of course, you’re travelling with your spouse or partner.

Please make sure to check on Saudi Arabia's visa requirements for the passport you hold. If you require a visa, the cost is roughly USD $150 but may vary depending on the Saudi government's rules and regulations. You may contact us for advice if you're not sure what to do.

Umrah Homecoming

Saudi Arabia· January 10 - 21 2024· 11 nights